Homemade Hot Cross Buns + Two Giveaways! #GayLeaFoods

Guess what?  I have TWO giveaways for you today!

The Easter Bunny is coming this weekend and we’ll be waking up to these Homemade Hot Cross Buns, with Gay Lea butter of course, for breakfast.  Most of my family are not fans of the dried fruit peel that’s normally in Hot Cross Buns so the good thing about making them yourself is that you can add whatever you like!

Homemade Hot Cross Buns | A Sweet Baker [Read more...]

Raspberry Orange Pinwheels

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If you’re looking for a quick and delicious treat to enjoy with a hot drink then these Raspberry Orange Pinwheels are the perfect thing for you!  I wanted something to make with raspberry jam (my favorite) inside so when I saw these I knew I had to make them.

Raspberry Orange Pinwheels | A Sweet Baker  #shop [Read more...]

Homemade Ciabatta Buns

Two weekends ago my husband made an amazing pulled beef dinner and asked me if I could make some homemade buns to go with them.  When I want a bun to go with my pulled pork/beef, I want a chewy ciabatta bun.  So, I made Homemade Ciabatta Buns and they went perfect with the mouthwatering pulled beef.

Homemade Ciabatta Buns | A Sweet Baker

This recipe makes one loaf or 8 buns which is perfect when you need something quick to go with dinner.  I made up the dough at lunch time and by dinner we had fresh, warm buns on the table. While I was taking the pictures for these I couldn’t resist ‘testing’ one (warm with butter, or course) just to make sure they were going to be good!  Needless to say, these buns were the best I’ve made yet!

Homemade Ciabatta Buns | A Sweet Baker

Homemade Ciabatta Buns | A Sweet Baker

Another thing about this recipe is that you will be surprised by the dough.  It will be very runny, almost like pudding, but it will turn out perfect so don’t be worried.  I had never made ciabatta buns before so I was a little skeptical at first but my family quickly devoured them so I knew they were a hit. Soft and moist inside but chewy and fresh on the outside.

Homemade Ciabatta Buns | A Sweet Baker


Recipe slightly adapted from Crepes of Wrath

Coconut Rum Banana Bread

What is it with the weather lately?  All weekend it was cold, damp and rainy here.  The kids were stuck inside and were running out of things to do so we baked!  Needing a little tropical, warm weather I decided to make a tropical infused banana bread.  This Coconut Rum Banana Bread hit the spot but actually just made me want the tropics more!

Coconut Rum Banana Bread | A Sweet Baker

On Saturday night my husband and I had a date night together to attend a friends wedding.  We got all dressed up, I had my hair done and we were kid-less.  A perfect night to be all romantic and lovey-dovey!  I always get so emotional at weddings too.  They’re a great reminder of the commitment you made with your spouse and the love you have between each other.

Coconut Rum Banana Bread | A Sweet Baker

The wedding took place at 6:44 p.m. on Saturday night so there was no sit-down dinner.  Instead they had a huge assortment of appetizers.  Poutine (my fav!), pizza, pulled pork, veggies and dip, mini beef and chicken sliders and a big dessert table full of candy, tarts, cookies and a chocolate fondue.  I actually liked it way better because I got to nibble on everything I liked and didn’t get too full. It was a great idea and gave people lots of time for mingling and chatting.

Coconut Rum Banana Bread | A Sweet Baker

Coconut Rum Banana Bread | A Sweet Baker

The newlyweds are off to Hawaii this week for their honeymoon so they’ll be basking in the tropical weather that I’ve been craving.  I’ll be here enjoying my tropical Coconut Rum Banana Bread while it snows outside….at least that’s what the forecast is calling for tonight!

What’s the weather like where you live?

P.S.  Make sure to come back on Thursday because I have 2 giveaways for you!


Recipe adapted from My Baking Addiction

Pumpkin Honey Beer Bread

Okay, I promise this will be my last pumpkin recipe for awhile!

I’m moving on to better things…..actually I’m just moving on to Halloween.  Seeing there’s only 9 days left until the big day of costumes, decorations, candy, and trick-or-treaters, I better get on it.  I have some great recipes I’ll be sharing with you that can easily be made with your kids.

Until then, enjoy this Pumpkin Honey Beer Bread on a cool, Fall day with a cup of hot tea!

Pumpkin Honey Beer Bread | A Sweet Baker

This past weekend I headed outdoors with a bunch of girlfriends to attend the outdoor Bala Cranberry Festival.  The weather was that of a typical Fall day – rainy and cold.  Luckily for us we had packed our hats, mitts and ponchos.  Our ponchos kept us warm and dry but they also came in handy when we needed to find each other in a crowd!

Pumpkin Honey Beer Bread | A Sweet Baker

Bala is a small town in the heart of Muskoka, Ontario. The festival is always held on the weekend after Thanksgiving as a means to extend tourism for one more week since Bala is primarily a cottage town that is busiest in the summer months. There were tons of things to do at the festival such as marsh tours, wagon rides, a midway, and of course, plenty of food vendors.   Homemade cranberry sausages, mini sugar donuts, fudge, kettle corn,  jams and jellies, and of course fresh cranberries was just some of the food we came across.  There was also vendors that featured hand-made goods such as purses, mitts, hats, ornaments and clothes.  It took us the whole day just to see everything and we didn’t even do a marsh tour.  That’s where we could have put on some hip waders and got right in there with the cranberries (next year I’m doing that for sure!).

Bala Cranberry Festival | A Sweet Baker

Despite the rain this is just one of the breathtaking views we had on our walk.

When I returned home the next day my kids almost had this whole Pumpkin Honey Beer Bread gone.  Luckily my husband stopped them and saved half the loaf for my pictures.  Thanks Honey!  It’s a common theme at my house now when my kids go to eat something out of the fridge.  They either ask if I’ve already taken my pictures or ask my husband if it’s okay to eat it.  Ah, the life of a food blogger!


Pumpkin Honey Beer Bread | A Sweet Baker


Recipe adapted from MyRecipes.com