Gearing up for the Winter Olympics + A Giveaway! #ProudToBeCDN

First off….Happy New Year!!!!  I hope you had a wonderful holiday with your family and friends because I know I did.  It was so nice to unplug for two weeks and spend time with my family.  But, now it’s back to work and back to my blog and I have a giveaway for you!

I am not a winter person.

I hate the cold and avoid doing anything outdoors (except sitting in my hot tub!) between the months of November-April if I can. Thank goodness I have a husband who snow-blows the driveway, takes the kids tobogganing, plays with them outside and warms up the vehicle for me.

For the past few winters my family has gone downhill skiing as a way to get out in the fresh air and get some exercise during the long, cold months.   Every time my husband suggested that we pack up our dinner and hit the slopes for the day, I always hesitated at first.  What was the weather going to be like?  Are the hills going to be icy?  It was hard to picture what a great time we were going to have while I was warm and toasty in our house!  However, each time we would pack up the vehicle, drive to the hills and spend a night skiing, I always had a great time and wished we did it more often!

So, besides getting out and skiing with my family, there is one more thing I do like about the winter  - The Winter Olympics!  I can stay in our nice, warm house, have a warm drink and snacks on hand and watch other people endure the cold weather while they work their hardest to earn a spot on the podium for our country.  Perfect wintertime activity for me!

Gearing up for the Winter Olympics + A Giveaway! | A Sweet Baker

This year on February 7, in Sochi, Russia, the opening ceremonies of the XXII Winter Olympics will begin!  The opening ceremonies have to be one of my favorite parts of the Olympics, especially when Team Canada makes their way through the stadium.  I’m always filled with such pride when I see those red and white uniforms come walking in.

To prepare for the Olympics I make sure I get a copy of the schedule ahead of time and highlight all the events we want to watch. My favorite events are the skating competitions, downhill and freestyle skiing and, of course, hockey!  I remember when the last winter Olympics were in Vancouver, I bought my two boys Olympic gear to wear proudly while they participated in mini Olympic events at their school.   That year was also one of the best Olympic moments for me when I watched Alexandre Bilodeau take the gold medal in men’s moguls.  I was on the edge of my seat with anticipation!

Gearing up for the Winter Olympics + A Giveaway! | A Sweet BakerThis year, Yoplait, who makes delicious yogurt such as Yoplait Source® and Yoplait Minigo®, is a proud supporter of Team Canada!  If you want to show your support and pride for Team Canada as well, you can enter to win an Olympic Prize prize pack, valued at over $100, just by entering below. You’ll be all ready to cheer on Team Canada from the comfort of your home, or outside in the cold, if that’s your thing!

Gearing up for the Winter Olympics + A Giveaway! | A Sweet Baker

Are you ready to cheer on Team Canada with all new Canada gear?  I know I am and I can’t wait for February 7th!  Go Canada Go!

You can enter to win by filling out the Rafflecopter below.  The contest is open to Canadian residents (except Quebec) and you can enter across multiple blogs that are participating but you can only win once.  Contest closes January 15th, 2014.

Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


“Disclosure: I am part of the Yoplait Canadian Pride Campaign with Mom Central Canada and I receive special perks as part of my affiliation with this group.  The opinions on this blog are my own.”

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  1. My favourite event is figure skating and I show my pride by sharing things on FB!

  2. seham merzib says:

    Figure Skating and my favourite athletes are tessa and scott

  3. I love women’s hockey.

  4. I love to watch the figure skating. I show my Canadian pride by wearing our colors and flying our flag.

  5. Sabrina R. says:


  6. I love the hockey games the best! I’m not really into dressing up or painting my face but I would wear this gear with pride!

  7. Great contest!! My fav event has to be speed skating! I’ll definitely be watching, while eating some yummy snacks and wearing red & white! :)

  8. SUMMER PLEWES says:

    I love the speed skating!

  9. SweetPanda says:

    My favourite is hockey and we show our pride by watching all the games and cheer for our athletes on social media!

  10. Great giveaway GO CANADA!!

  11. I love watching ice skating and I support Canada by wearing Canada Olympic gear and holding up my Canadian flag proudly.

  12. Happy New Year Liz and so happy to hear you had a nice Christmas holiday :) Hehe, we don’t really enjoy the cold either but used to love going downhill skiing too before we had our lil guy – thanks for the reminder that we need to get back on the hills one of these days hehe:) Yay and go Team Canada!:)

  13. I like watching the downhill skiing. I show my pride by flying a Canadian flag on our porch.

  14. My favorite to watch is curling. I get in the spirit by wearing Team Canada gear. I have the new mitts already – got them for Christmas. I also have a pair of mitts from the Vancouver olympics

  15. caroline m. says:

    I like downhill skying and I wear red on days we compete

  16. I love watching Hockey, I show my pride by proudly wearing our colours!

  17. My favourite sports are hockey and speed skating and I show my pride by wearing my Olympic gear!

  18. Hockey is my fave. I show my support by wearing the gear!

  19. Hockey and figure skating are my favs!

  20. I enjoy watching all our Canadian athletes, but hockey is my favourite. I love wearing Canadian gear to show my pride.

  21. hockey and I support by wearing the clothes.

  22. i enjoy the hockey

  23. I like to watch skating – showing support by wearing red and white!

  24. Tammy Dalley says:

    I love to watch figure skating! I wear my Olympic gear to show support

  25. My favourite is down hill skiing and I wear red and white to show my Canadian pride.

  26. Hockey, and I wear the gear and am active on social media liking and sharing and commenting :)

  27. Probably skating. I remember watching it with mom growing up

  28. Hockey! And I cant wait!!

  29. I like watching Figure Skating. I show my Canadian pride by wearing our national colours.

  30. I enjoy watching figure skating. I show my Canadian pride by wearing Olympic clothings in red/white colours.

  31. my favourite even is Hockey, both men’s and women’s. I show my pride by having friends over and cheering on the athletes and wearing red and white.

  32. Jane Hammill Gray says:

    I love the skating ! I so burst with Canadian pride as I immigrated from England in 2008 and I am so very proud and humbled to now be Canadian. I cant watch anything without getting emotional and as for the opening ceremony when I see the Maple leaf Im in bits I was for Vancouver and London and will be for Sochi!

  33. stillblonde says:

    That would be skiing and I show my pride by rooting them on.

  34. Victoria Ess says:

    My favourite is hockey. I show my pride by going to Olympic viewing parties!

  35. Sunshine G says:

    I love watching figure skating, probably because I’m nowhere near that coordinated myself! I have an Olympics get together at some point with friends to cheer on Canada.

  36. Sylvie Morin says:

    Can’t wait to watch ice skating :)

  37. Judy C(Judy Cowan) says:

    I enjoy watching the figure skating. Try to show some Canadian pride during the Olympics by wearing Red & White!

  38. I enjoy the men’s hockey. I sport our olympic maple leaf mitts

  39. Snowboarding is my favorite! I show my Canadian Olympic pride by wearing my Canadian Olympic gear and going to the Olympics when I am fortunate enough to attend!?

  40. Catharine says:

    Speedskating. Love to cheer with our red and white and mittens on

  41. I love to watch figure skating – I wear whatever I can that says “Canada” on it! Red and white are my favourite colours!

  42. figure skating is my fav and i wear red and white!

  43. I love figure skating. We love Canada, we show our pride by having a Canadian Flag, always singing the National Anthem out loud, and just loving being Canadians.

  44. Hockey! I never miss a game that Team Canada plays! I show my Canadian pride by having a car flag and wearing my Team Canada hockey jersey!

  45. michelle tremblett says:

    We love to watch downhill skiing and hockey, we all get together and have Olympic watching pot lucks :) go Canada go !

  46. I love the ice dancing an dthe pairs skating – I wear my Canada gear and make sure I cheer extra loud

  47. Downhill skiing is my fave!

  48. Figure skating is my favourite!

  49. Hockey is my fav! We watch together and wear Canadian colors!

  50. Wanda Bergman says:

    Hockey is my favourite event! I paint the Canadian flag on my cheeks.

  51. Kerry DeKelver says:

    ski jumping and hockey
    cheering loud

  52. My favorite is the down-hill moguls/skiing. I cheer from the living room-then I send a tweet encouraging and congratulating our Canadian Olympians!

  53. Suzanne G says:

    Figure skating is my favourite event and I wear my Olympic mitts from the Bay

  54. ron bowman says:

    cool prize

  55. James Brown says:

    Men’s and Women’s HOCKEY!!!!!!! Wearing Red and White!!!!!

  56. I am a disabled person for me my favourite is the special Olympics. But then again I do love my hockey. Proud to be a Canadian. I wear our proud colours of our country Red and good old white. Good luck everyone on this awesome contest. :)

  57. Robyn Bellefleur says:

    I love to watch figure skating and I wear my Olympic gear to show support.

  58. Beach Volleyball!!! No, wait wrong season – Hockey all the way – Go CANUCKS!

  59. Figure skating is my favourite event.I show my pride by cheering loudly.

  60. Love watching figure skating and I would wear red and white !

  61. wilson king says:

    Curling. Go Canada go! I watch all the games.

  62. Belinda McNabb says:

    I enjoy the hockey but do not do anything at home to show my canadian pride

  63. Bob Stuart says:

    My favourite Olympic sport is Hockey. I watch all the games and just got back from the World Juniors in Malmo, Sweden

  64. Gwen Collins says:

    I love all the figure skating. This year will be in remembrance of my father as we used to call each other and critique the performers – in a good way.

  65. my favorite event from the Winter Olympics is Men’s Hockey and I show my Canadian pride by cheering them on

  66. just cant wait for the hockey my favorite sport.

  67. kristen visser says:

    i love so many but figure skating is my number one :) especially since i cannot skate at all.

  68. nikki robak says:

    my favorite is the hockey and I wear the red and white colors when the games are on

  69. Maegan Morin says:

    My favorite event is hockey (duh!) and I show my pride by rooting for the home team :D

  70. Lynda Cook says:

    I enjoy watching figure skating…red and white all the way

  71. I love watching hockey. Go Canada Go!

  72. My favourite Olympic Sport is hockey… and I Cheer on Team Canada as a whole.

  73. I enjoy figure skating and show my pride by wearing clothes that say Canada


    silverneon2000 at yahoo dot com

  74. Lori Loov says:

    My favorite Olympic sport is downhill skiing. It`s very exciting with a lot of talented athletes.

  75. JENNIFER HART says:

    The luge amazes me to no end!

  76. Bev Rebmann says:

    Figure Skating

  77. Proud to cheer on Team Canada!

  78. figure skating and I wear Canada pins when ever I travel out of country

  79. sarah jackson says:

    I like figure skating , I buy my family Olympic Canadian hoodies every year :)

  80. Hockey, hockey, go Canada

  81. Hockey!

  82. Maggie Golden says:

    Hockey! My partner cheers team Sweden, and I cheer loudly for team Canada!!

  83. My favourite event is the ice skating and I show my pride with my red olympic mittens!

  84. speed skating and hockey

  85. stacey dempsey says:

    figure skating is my favorite event and we try and wear hats etc with maple leafs etc as much as possible


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